Right now I'm in the library for my Spanishclass. Though I noticed I've been working ahead soo I don't really have much to do. I'll probably blog tonight with pics and everything from the past days, but right now I'm on my school computer so that's not gonna be until tonight haha. That's also why I'm writing in english, because the keyboard doesn't have the swedish letters and that would get kinda annoying to read after a while. Today in food and nutrition my group made poppy chow(?) which basically is cereal with a bunch of melted chocholate, peanutbutter and sugar. It was really good but my teeth kinda hurt from all the sugar haha. I'm probably going to work out after school today too so I don't have to feel so bad about my a bit too american diet lol. 
Haha playing around with the macbook photoboot effects. Sad bc I have the worst Celcius abstinence. That's a swedish energy drink for all you americans out there
Not sure how they expect you to focus in school with all these effects
Should probably study english now, haha. Hope all you swedes are having a good day! <3


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